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 As the hubbub of NYC Fashion Week dies down, giving way to the noise of the city’s Market Week, one showcase will be shaking up the bespoke apparel game this March. This event, tucked away in the top two showrooms of the sumptuous Bryant Park Hotel, is looking to leave its own distinctive impression on a city teeming with famous design houses and smaller apparel wholesalers alike. What separates this event, however, is its merging of two things often seen as mutually exclusive; a collection of handcrafted artisan apparel will be sold in a deluxe retail environment. This choice reflects not only the special ness, quality, and exclusivity of the pieces for sale, but also serves as a pointed departure from the uninspiring, timeworn norms that characterize so much of today’s shopping scene. Underpinning this function is one goal: to honor a host of seasoned clothing artists who have stayed true to the essence of their craft. The wheels have long been in motion. From March 27th 28th to 29th, visit ​The New York Collective​ to find your wardrobe's new estpièce de résistance 

 With a focus on appealing to a wider scope of people, creating distinctive, unrepeated pieces is understandably unfeasible. This is where our artists are able to distinguish themselves. Being free from the constraints of quotas and bottom lines enables our team to innovate according to their own creative impulses. Their works are designed with the individual in mind rather than an entire demographic. Although branding will always have its place, the members of ​The New York Collective ​adhere to a view which holds technique, creativity, and quality as the most vital components in imbuing an article of clothing with a feeling of grandeur. 

 The collective will feature a dozen carefully selected artisans whose work best embodies a sense of splendor and quality. Every single article of clothing, jewelry, and accessory is the hand-crafted manifestation of its artist’s imagination coupled with decades of experience. Each woman on the collective’s roster has a reputation that precedes them; they hold an artistic stature carved out over decades producing work acclaimed in artisan fashion circles. This is crafts(wo)manship at its finest. Customers are able to interact with the creators directly. A rare opportunity to learn firsthand about the inspiration and creative process behind the newest addition to their clothing collections.

 One of a kind apparel is making a resurgence in the fashion sphere. And this year, interested buyers are presented with a chance to own a one-off piece that has never touched cold metal assembly lines or lined the walls of brick and mortar retail chains. While the pieces on sale are as varied in style and form as the artists themselves, all of them transcend local tastes. At the core of  this event is a firmly held belief that skill and sophistication are universal. There is something for everyone. The collective, which is independently run, will take place in the loft suites of the Big Apple’s Bryant Park Hotel. A venue whose impressiveness reflects that which will be sold inside.For access, guests should mention “The New York Collective”. This March, forgo the malls and big names to claim your piece of a nonpareil selection of hand-crafted clothes, bags, and jewelry.Dare to do luxury differently.